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Ennyn is my personal site where I share my games and various thoughts. It is also where I will highlight some of my talented wife’s HARP artwork.

Ennyn is focused on my custom 4X game, G7, my homebrew fantasy RPG rules ERealms and my joint ERealms and HARP world, Elendarhh. There will be downloads and support information released on this site.

There is a forum for both and a wiki site for Elendarhh as well as several information pages for Star Dominion.


G7 is a traditional 4X pen and paper strategy game of interstellar empire building. The rules are designed to provide a deeply strategic and tactical experience and are supported by a suite of spreadsheets to simplify tracking and calculations.

These rules have been through many guises over my lifetime, starting in the late 1980’s when I was in university. Having been through on and off evolution for many years I have decided to focus on the rules and bring them to a publishable state.


ERealms is a skill-based RPG ruleset which is also a toolbox, with creation rules for Runes, Armour, Traps and much more.

It has no classes or levels, using development points and the concepts of Ranks. Ranks determine the players die pool, task difficulties and much more and is the central pillar of ERealms.

The ERealms ruleset uses a rollover mechanism for all tests and checks.


Elendarhh is a world of conflict and change designed for the ERealms rule system. Elendarhh is a unique world which I have been writing and playing in since 2004.

The Elendarhh world started out as a GURPs game world and evolved through DnD 3.5 to finally become HARP based. The world book is almost complete now and will be finalised over the coming year for ERealms.

As stated above, I have also created a custom ruleset, ERealms, which is specifically designed for Elendarhh.

Elendarrh is a unique world which I have been writing and playing in since 2004 when it started out life as a GURPs game.